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Rent a Field




Rental Fields are available to be prebooked now.

We will be opening up approximately in the second half of May/beginning of June.

For General Admission to the public field just show up and pay upon arrival. 

Payment in cash is encouraged. 

General admission is 10.00 per adult and 7.00 per child.

What is the 2023 Schedule looking like?

Our 2023 season has officially started, we are now open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM - Sunset. Our season is starting with our spring mixes that include flowers like

poppies and bachelor buttons. 

That would then be followed by some summer mixes, sunflowers, and cosmos as the season continues.

The sun sets as late as 8:30 in the middle of June. The last hour from 7:30-8:30 is almost always best for golden light.


Currently the rental field will consist of 8,000+ sq ft of the flowers in bloom, precut paths setup for photographers, and a picnic table. (as of 04/01/2023)

Each Wildflower Field is approx. 8,000 sq ft (about a 1/5 acre). The fields consist of the flowers that are blooming in their respective seasons and access paths throughout the area. The fields are designed for the photographer who wants his/her own private space where he/she can schedule as many sessions as he/she can fit into his/her allotted time frame.

The photos you see in the examples may or may not be blooming, it all depends if you booked in the season they are blooming. The poppies and bachelor buttons are generally our first main flowers, these we expect to last for 3-4 weeks beginning approximately June 1.

We have a field that may be up by May 15th. We are accepting bookings starting on May 20th, but take that with a clause. If we do not have flowers blooming at that time

we will either reschedule or refund you. 

In fact, that is how we operate all year. We are willing to take pre-bookings if you are aware that we cannot control all the bloom times and if for some reason there aren't blooms there

we will reschedule or refund you.


I agree to stay out of the flowers and only use the designated foot paths and areas.

I agree to leave everything in the state it was when my time started. 

If I rented a field, I agree to be out of my rental field when my time is up so that the next individual can use the field promptly when there time starts. 

I agree to be considerate of others by not playing loud music, by being dressed appropriately, etc.

Alcohol is prohibited.

Appropriate dress is required. No shirt, no service.

Fires are prohibited.

Smoke bombs are prohibited unless you have written permission from Wildflower Lookout.

Horses are prohibited.

Dogs are allowed if they are leashed and picked up after.


Anyone in violation of these terms and conditions may be asked to leave without refund.


Due to the nature of the activities such as being in nature among all the other little insects or critters that may be visiting the field as well at Wildflower Lookout and some uneven terrain that you may encounter, Wildflower Lookout is not responsible or liable for injuries or allergies suffered at or because of visiting Wildflower Lookout. I understand that I am using the services of Wildflower Lookout fully at my own risk.



Cancellation Policy

All orders cancelled within 24 hours of booking or 3 weeks prior to the scheduled field rental time date will be refunded.

If you are wanting or needing to cancel an order after 24 hours of booking it or within 3 weeks of your scheduled field rental time, please contact us for your cancellation options.

All rescheduling prior to a week before your scheduled field rental time will be done free of charge. All rescheduling done within a week of your scheduled field rental time will include a 50% (based on your rental value) charge.

All cancellations or reschedules because of rain and all cancellations or reschedules because of a field not being in bloom will be honored. The cancellations because of rain or no blooms will be refunded. The reschedules because of rain or no blooms will be done without an extra charge.

Contact Jacob at 717-330-5929 or with all cancellation or rescheduling inquiries.

Wildflower rentals
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