Rent a Field

New for 2021 is a feature called 'Rent a Field'. The flowers in the fields will be very similar to those of last year. We expect the first blooming flowers in the beginning of June, which is when we are opening the first dates to rent a field. Throughout the year there will be different species of flowers blooming in their respective seasons. The fields will start off with a colorful display of poppies which we expect them to be in bloom for the month of June. After that there will be various flowers (such as plains coreopsis, sunflowers, cosmos, etc.) blooming in their respective seasons. 

Currently the fields can be reserved for July and parts of August.

Currently the rental field consist of 10,000+ sq ft of sunflowers, a small grassy strip, and a picnic table. (as of 09/10/2021)

Every Field is approx.10,000 sq ft (about a 1/4 acre). The fields consist of the flowers that are blooming in their respective seasons and access paths throughout the area. The fields are designed for the photographer who wants his/her own private space where he/she can schedule as many sessions as he/she can fit into his/her allotted time frame.

Each field is split into two time frames, Day Fields and Evening Fields. The rates for the Day Fields are less expensive than the rates for the Evening Fields based on the fact that there is a higher demand for the Evening FieldsNot every field is always open to reserve. Some fields may be closed on certain days and time frames to accommodate those individuals who simply want to pay the per person rate and enjoy the field that is open to the public (not a private space). Currently there is 1 Evening Field and 1 Day Field available daily.

The fields' layouts are all quite similar.