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Rent a Field




Rent a Field will become available for the 2023 Season later in the spring.

We are currently closed for the winter.

For General Admission to the public field just show up and pay upon arrival. 

Payment in cash is encouraged. 

General admission is 10.00 per adult and 7.00 per child.

What is the 2023 Schedule looking like?

While we do not know exactly when we will have our first flower fields available,

we expect it to be between May 15th and June 1st.

As the time gets closer we will be updating this.

We are expecting the season to start with our spectacular poppy blends!


Currently the rental field will consist of 8,000+ sq ft of sulfur cosmos and foxtails, precut paths setup for photographers, and a picnic table. (as of 07/27/2022)

Each Wildflower Field is approx. 8,000 sq ft (about a 1/5 acre). The fields consist of the flowers that are blooming in their respective seasons and access paths throughout the area. The fields are designed for the photographer who wants his/her own private space where he/she can schedule as many sessions as he/she can fit into his/her allotted time frame.

Currently we only have Rental Fields available to be reserved in the evenings.

If you would like to rent a field in the day please contact us at 7173305929 to schedule your day rental.

Wildflower rentals
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