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You have found Wildflower Lookout, a hidden gem in the country side of Lancaster County, PA! Wildflower Lookout is 4 acres of absolute beauty. Flowers bloom in all their splendor and glory. Bees and other pollinating insects thrive in this heaven of colors. All of this is happening on Pleasant Paradise Farm, an organic farm that does not see any sort of chemicals or pesticides harming this beautiful earth.


What is in bloom?

January 2023.....

(update written on 01/24/2023)

Currently at the Lookout we are closed with the winter season upon us.

For General Admission to the public field just show up and pay upon arrival. 

Bring payment in exact cash.

General admission is 10.00 per adult, 7.00 per child.

For Field Rentals please reserve and pay for your rental here.

(Field Rentals will become available in the spring of 2023)





If you are a photographer and you are looking for a field of flowers to do photoshoots in or if you are a photographer that simply wants to take photos of all the beauty, you have found a wonderful place to accomplish your mission in. 

There are 2 different avenues you can pursue when planning your photography trip.

1. General Admission at a per person rate.

2. If you want a private setting for yourself and your clients, you can rent a field. In this field you can schedule as many sessions with your clients as you can fit into your allotted time space.


Relax and Unwind

Maybe you are looking for place to relax, to unwind from a busy day, or to take a stroll through the blooming, colorful field. You can do all of that here! 

Simply show up during open hours and pay the per person daily admission fee to enter the field.

Relax and Unwind

Picnics, etc.

We also have multiple picnic tables scattered around in different places at Wildflower Lookout. 

Bring your family and/or friends, sit down at one of our picnic tables, and enjoy the gorgeous, alive creation all around you. Simply show up during open hours and pay the per person daily admission fee to enter the field.

 Don't forget to bring your food and beverages with you. Oh, and don't forget to clean up afterwards!

*no fires are permitted on the Wildflower Lookout grounds

Picnics ETC


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